Welcome to the 2nd International Conference on Social, Political, and Humanities (2nd ICoSoPH) 2021.

This is the guideline for all delegates attending 2nd ICoSoPH. For more information, please go to .

We recommend all delegates to check the program schedule prior to the scientific meeting day.

General Guideline

  1. Please login to Main Room virtual zoom at least 10 minutes before the sessions start. Pay attention to the time differences. The schedule on the website is written based on Western Indonesian Time (GMT +7).
  2. During the conference, please mute the audio all the time unless it is your turn to speak. You may turn on the camera (optional).
  3. We encourage you to actively participate in the discussion by posting your questions to the speakers in the zoom chat box. The moderator will pass it to the speakers to be answered.

Login Information

  1. Check the Rundown to know the entire event schedule. Go to the 2nd ICoSoPH Website : > Program > Rundown.
  2. Login to your Conference System (CoSy) account > Conference Room then you can access to the conference room and get the link to the 2nd ICoSoPH virtual zoom.
  3. If you have a trouble, contact our admins :

For Oral Presenters

  1. Important! Before the event, please check your presentation schedule in : > Program > Rundown.
  2. Please check in into the specified oral presentation session channel on Whatsapp group and confirm your availability on your scheduled session. If you are not available during that time, please inform the committee.
  3. Please prepare your presentation slides using keynote, ppt, or appropriate file format.
  4. The presentation language is English.
  5. During the presentation, each presenter will self-perform the Screen Share via Zoom Virtual. Therefore, make sure your internet is stable and your device could support your performance. If you are unable to do the screen sharing, please contact the committee before the conference day.
  6. You may send a back-up presentation file to to avoid any technical issue during your presentation.
  7. The maximum presentation duration is 10 minutes, followed by a maximum 5-minute brief Q&A session.
  8. After your presentation, we encourage you to stay in the room to listen to other presentations, for a photo session and announcements (if any).

We wish you a fruitful and enjoyable conference!

We look forward to see you at 2nd ICoSoPH 2021

2nd ICoSoPH 2021